Monday, October 17, 2016


Happy Monday, Everyone!

Today is the release day for another Crimson Romance bundle called Double Trouble: 8 Twin Romances by Robyn Neeley, Evan Purcell, Kathryn Brocato, Alicia Hunter Pace, Clarissa Ross, and Nancy C. Weeks.

You’re seeing double and enjoying trouble as these six sets of twins try to win your heart. It’s twice the fun of ordinary romances!

Holiday Wedding: After being dumped by his fiancée a year ago, Drew Cannon retreated to Tokyo to throw himself into the family toy-making business. Now he’s returned home for the holidays and is forced to team up with his ex to plan last-minute nuptials for his twin brother. Will working together mend and reunite their broken hearts?

Waking Up to Love: When Scott McInney’s mom gets a slight case of amnesia, he convinces Ramona, the identical twin sister of his runaway wife, to step into her heels. Ramona reluctantly agrees to help out, but when the pretending gets too real, will Scott figure out that he might have married the wrong BUY NOWtwin?

The Look-Alike Bride: Leonie Daniel leads a double life, often standing in for her glamorous older sister who works as a government agent. All Leonie has to do this time is spend a few weeks in Zara’s lakeside cabin, behave like Zara, and avoid Adam Silverthorne, the man her sister is interested in. But now Adam is falling for Leonie … or is he?

Redeeming Rafe: Bull riding, cliff diving, plane jumping—Rafe Beauford is the twin brother who embraces the adrenaline rush. But his wild lifestyle comes to a halt when he discovers he’s the father of toddlers. Taking his twin girls back to Beauford, he plans to leave them there with a nanny, but the woman he hires, widowed mom Abigail Whitman, is determined to show him the importance of family—and love.

Reforming Gabe: After NFL wide receiver Gabe Beauford’s team loses the Super Bowl, he heads back to Beauford to hide and brood, but crossing paths with independent jewelry maker Neyland MacKenzie puts a new gleam in his eye. She needs saving, and this twin needs a project. But will his not-so-deft touch ruin her dreams and their chance at real love?

Eternal Desire: Heiress Della Standish had been summoned to Rome to be reunited with her long-lost twin sister, Irma, and to share the great family fortune with her. But from the moment Della enters the opulent halls of the Sanzio Palace, she is encircled by mystery and dark suspicion, her life endangered by the satanic power of an Italian noble and her new-found love threatened in a gilt-edged world that hides evil in its secret heart.

In the Shadow of Evil: After ten years with Maryland’s Special Crime Unit, very little rattles Jared McNeil. He and his twin, Noah, have always handled their law enforcement jobs with skill. Then Jared’s nemesis resurfaces, with his sights set on the woman Jared is honor bound to protect. Will doing his duty cost Jared his love and his family?

In the Shadow of Vengeance: Elizabeth Merlot can’t afford to let handsome Detective Noah McNeil discover her secret past. But when trouble finds her son, Noah may be the only one who can save their lives.

Contemporary bundle
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Double Trouble features two of my books from my Shadow series, In the Shadow of Evil and In the Shadow of Vengeance. I have a couple hot, sexy identical twins, Jared McNeil and Noah McNeil who constantly buck heads but are always there for each other. If you haven't had a chance to read my series, this is a great place to start. If you have read Jared and Noah's happy-ever-after, then I hope you will give the other 6 twin romances a try. How can you beat the price of $0.75 CENTS! 

Check out my inspiration for each of these heroes and the women who tamed their hearts on my Pinterest Board. 

Have a wonderful week. I hope you find a moment to sit back, relax and read a great story.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week. Today, I have one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Meyette taking over my blog. Elizabeth Meyette, author of The Cavanaugh House is here to tell us about Buried Secrets: Sequel to The Cavanaugh House. I'm reading Buried Secrets now and it is fantastic. 

Elizabeth welcome. My blog is all yours...

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today, Nancy. I’m so excited to share the news of my latest release, Buried Secrets: Sequel to The Cavanaugh House. 

Like The Cavanaugh House, Buried Secrets is set in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York in 1968. Many readers ask why I set the book in 1968 rather than today, and I have a couple of reasons.

1.      Write What You Know
I hate to reveal my age, but I was alive and living the life of a carefree teen in 1968. I was shaped and inspired by the music of that era: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, yes, even The Monkees. But also by protest music such as “War” (What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’) by Edwin Starr and “Abraham, Martin and John” by Dion. I loved that era of awakening and “give peace a chance.”

The Women’s Liberation Movement was waging its battle back then, and my protagonist, Jesse, is dedicated to the Woman’s Lib philosophy. I think we’ve lost sight of just how important that fight was to get women where we are today—though we still have a way to go. All of this informed my writing of both The Cavanaugh House and Buried Secrets.

2.      Technology
The main reason I set my books in 1968 rather than today was the lack of instant communication. When Jesse gets into dangerous situations, which this stubborn red-head does quite often, she can’t pull out her cell phone and call or text for help. I was able to build suspense and ratchet up the peril because she was stuck where she was, alone. She had to use her brains and critical thinking skills (yes, I was a teacher) in order to figure a way out with no help. I think that increased the odds against her and made her a stronger protagonist.

I hope readers will enjoy Jesse’s story. Oh, and then there’s Joe… 

Buried Secrets blurb

When Jesse Graham almost runs over a “body” in the road one night, she is plunged into a labyrinth of secrets, lies and murder. All Jesse wants is a simple life teaching at St. Bart’s… and a chance at love with Joe Riley. She realizes that plan has been thwarted when puzzling occurrences at St. Bartholomew Academy for Girls get increasingly dangerous. The danger doesn’t just spring from the ghost who haunts the grounds of St. Bart’s, but from a sinister presence that is not ghostly at all. As she digs into the mystery, threats on her life and the life of her student escalate.

Which danger threatens her life the most? The ghost haunting her student or the secrets buried in the school?

Buried Secrets excerpt: 
Labor Day, Monday, September 2, 1968
Jesse Graham squinted through the windshield wipers at the rain-swept road ahead of her. In her twenty-eight years, she had never liked being out in a thunderstorm, and this one was a doozy.
“NASA plans to put a man on the moon next year, but nobody can invent windshield wipers that work in a downpour,” she grumbled.
She hadn’t meant to work until after sunset, but she’d obsessed with putting up creative bulletin boards and adding final touches to the course guides to be ready for the first day of school tomorrow. Though she had taught in Rochester for five years, no doubt her obsession stemmed from the fact that she was the newest faculty member at St. Bartholomew Academy for Girls.
Adjusting to the late-summer darkness was hard enough, but add this thunderstorm and visibility was nil. At least upstate New York didn’t suffer through tornadoes or hurricanes. She gripped the wheel, concentrating on avoiding the deep ditch carved out along the shoulder.
A flash of lightning revealed a shape sprawled in the middle of the road ahead. She leaned forward, as if that would help her see if it was a deer someone hit and left to die. Another bolt of lightning illuminated the shape again, revealing blonde hair spread out on the wet pavement. In a moment of clarity—at least she could always count on that oddity in the midst of panic—she knew it was not a deer. Downshifting, she slammed on the brakes, her 1965 Volkswagen Beetle skidding sideways. She broke out in prickles of sweat as her car thudded against the form and halted.
“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” she cried out.
She was pinned to her seat. Her legs shook, then her whole body. She fumbled for the door handle, unable to find it at first. Finally, she grasped it, threw open the door, and scrambled out onto the road. The sky strobed as a lightning bolt slammed into a nearby tree. Her nose stung with the acrid smell of sulfur. Her knees buckled, but she recovered, stumbling toward the immobile form. Slowing her pace, she neared the cloth-draped figure, afraid it might leap up and attack her. Afraid it might not move at
Trembling, she dropped to her knees beside the form. Bile rose in her throat at the sight of long, blonde hair streaming out from beneath the gray wool blanket that covered the shape. Pulling the blanket back, she gasped.
Have I just killed someone?
A blonde wig was perched atop a dummy fashioned from burlap stuffed with hay. What the...? Slowly, she realized what she was looking at. She breathed with relief. But her relief was short-lived.
Son of a bitch. This prank could have sent someone flipping end over end. Storms weren’t known to improve traction.
“Who the hell would pull a rotten trick like this?”
She looked around—was the perpetrator standing just off in the trees beside the road? Rain spattered against her hair. As she brushed the clinging ringlets from her eyes, she pulled up the hood of her nylon poncho. Heart pounding, she leaned back on her heels, inhaling deeply to still her trembling. Hot breath escaped through her flared nostrils. Grabbing the dummy, she wrapped the blanket around it and lugged it to the car.
About Elizabeth Meyette

Believer in dreams-come-true and self-confessed chocoholic, Elizabeth Meyette is the author of four novels. The Cavanaugh House and its sequel, Buried Secrets, are mysteries set in 1968 in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Love’s Destiny and Love’s Spirit, are historical romances set in colonial Virginia.
Elizabeth is an Amazon Best-selling author, a PAN (Published Authors Network) member of Romance Writers of America, a member of Sisters in Crime and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Before pursuing her writing career full time, Elizabeth taught English, Journalism, and Library Science/Technology in Midland, Michigan. After retiring from teaching, Elizabeth embarked on her writing career full-time and, in addition to her four novels, has published poetry, magazine articles and her blog site, Meyette’s Musings. A friend said of her, “You haven’t retired, you’ve refired!” She is currently working on her fifth and sixth novels and three picture books.

Elizabeth and her husband Richard live in west Michigan where they enjoy the beauty of the Great Lakes. They have an agreement that she cannot cook on writing days after he endured burnt broccoli and overcooked chicken.  Fortunately, Richard is an excellent cook.
Visit Elizabeth at her website

Elizabeth’s books are available on her Author Page at Amazon. com

That's it for today. Elizabeth it is always a pleasure hosting you on my blog. I wish you the very best success. If anyone has any questions for Elizabeth Meyette please don't be shy. You can comment below in the comment section, or if that doesn't work for you, please leave your note HERE, my blog email, and I'll past it alone. 

Have a great weekend. I hope you find the time to read a wonderful book.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Monday, September 26, 2016



Happy Monday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a restful weekend. Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to have back on my blog dear friends and award-winning authors, Cary Morgan and Deborah O'Neill Cordes who co-write as Morgan O'Neill. They have dropped by to share a little about how they came together to write eight fantastic novels and to share their Amazon Kindle Countdown beginning today.

Deborah and Cary, welcome! Have a cup of tea and please make yourself at home. My blog is yours...

Cary Morgan and Deborah O'Neill Cordes as Morgan O'Neill

We’ve been on a writing journey together for over a decade and a half. Happenstance played a role in the formation of our writing team, because we met by chance at a writers' conference. Lucky day for us! Good fortune was also with us regarding our pen name, since the combination of our maiden names made a great pseudonym. But luck won't write a novel, let alone eight of them. An old expression fits what we do—two heads are better than one—and it works well for us, especially because of the complexity inherent in writing epic time travel fiction.

We love weaving many fantastical layers with real history in order to make a cohesive and exciting series. One of our goals is to give our time traveling heroines realistic and challenging experiences when they arrive in the past, in that they don’t necessarily know the language or customs. This literally opened the world to us, and our characters have ventured beyond the time travel standards of Ireland or Scotland to ancient Rome, medieval Italy, and Elizabethan England. We’ve also put our passions and experiences into the novels, from Cary’s love of her daughter’s flute playing, to her own horsemanship and seafaring skills, to Deb’s penchant for terriers, tea, and researching historical wonders like Westminster Abbey or Ravenna’s mausoleum of Galla Placidia. 

It’s always a sad day when we write “the end” on any manuscript, because we’re saying goodbye to our characters, who’ve become as real to us as our dearest friends and family members. Although it’s a bittersweet farewell, there’s always hope we’ll revisit them someday—and perhaps write another book about them. The Roman series could go on, and someday it might. Just wait and see what happens next. The future is bright—in the past.

 Love, Eternally, Book One of the Roman Time Travel Series

Love, Eternally
A witch's ancient curse propels talented flutist Gigi Perrin back to A.D. 408, to the court of the depraved Roman Emperor Honorius and his admirable sister, Princess Galla Placidia. There, Gigi grapples with her disbelief about what has happened, and with the strange, new world of violent politics, social upheaval and barbarians straining at the very gates of an empire. Through it all, she must struggle with her powerful attraction to a pagan senator and military commander, Quintus Magnus, a man exotically different from anyone she has ever known. 

[I asked Morgan O'Neill for their inspiration for Magnus. So HOT!]

On the brink of a dark and war-torn age, Gigi joins forces with Magnus, battling to save a princess and her people, and ultimately finding love amid the chaos, before the fall of Rome.

After the Fall, Book Two of the Roman Time Travel Series 

Sept. 22 through Sept. 28

 Sept. 21 through Sept. 27

    After the Fall ratchets up the tension as time traveler Gigi Perrin and her husband, the Roman warrior Quintus Magnus, join forces with the Visigoth King Alaric to march on Rome. There waits Princess Galla Placidia, the admirable sister of the despicable Emperor Honorius. About to be forced into an arranged marriage by her brother, Placidia fears a bleak future, trapped in a loveless union. In an attempt to save Rome from barbarian invasion, Placidia puts aside her troubles and meets with Alaric’s delegation, which includes Gigi and Magnus, and the king’s second-in-command, the Visigoth prince, Athaulf. The attraction between Placidia and Athaulf is instantaneous and overwhelming, but theirs is a forbidden love, destined to fail because of implacable politics and impending war. Bound by a friendship that transcends time, Gigi and Placidia must do whatever they can to protect the men they love, after the fall of Rome.

Return to Me, Book Three of the Roman Time Travel Series 

Sept. 22 through Sept. 28

 Sept. 21 through Sept. 27.

Return to Me finds time traveler Gigi Perrin happily settled into twenty-first century life with her husband, the former Roman senator and military commander, Quintus Magnus. Gigi has resumed her successful musical career, playing the flute for her adoring fans, while making her first foray into Hollywood by creating the musical score for a feature film about the Roman emperor Nero. At the film’s wrap party, Gigi is presented with a gift to commemorate her work: an ancient Roman ring depicting the goddess Victoria. Stunned, she and Magnus recognize it as the very ring that brought them together, and the one subsequently stolen from her and lost in A.D. 410. How did it make its way back to them? Magnus believes the answer is clear; Victoria sent it as a warning about their dear friend, Princess Galla Placidia. They start researching what happened to Placidia after Gigi and Magnus time traveled from the barbarous fifth century. To their shock, they discover Placidia's life took a series of terrible turns, culminating with the murders of her children. Realizing they have no other choice, Gigi and Magnus prepare to embark on a perilous quest to go back in time and rescue them. But one ominous question remains—how can they save the children without altering the course of history?

Where to find out more about Morgan O'Neill:

Morgan O'Neill is the pen name of award-winning authors Cary Morgan and Deborah O'Neill Cordes, who specialize in recreating pivotal moments in history, epic adventure, and romance—with a time travel twist. Journey with them to the dangerous and barbaric fifth century in their Roman time travel series, which begins with Love, Eternally and After the Fall, and culminates with Return to Me, as well as their medieval Italian series, The Other Side of Heaven and Time Enough for Love, and their Elizabethan time travel series, The Thornless Rose, Begun by Time, and their forthcoming work, Ever Crave the Rose. 

Personal Media Links:

Morgan O’Neill Website           


That's it for today. Cary  and Deborah, it is always a pleasure hosting you on my blog. I wish you the very best success with your Amazon Kindle Countdown and every new adventure you undertake. If anyone has any questions for Morgan O'Neill, please don't be shy. You can comment below in the comment section, or if that doesn't work for you, please leave your note HERE, my blog email, and I'll past it alone. 

Have a great week. I hope you find the time to read a wonderful book.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hi Everyone,

I hope your week has started off on a great track. I have had a wonderful long weekend celebrating 35 years of marriage with the best man in the world. 

I ran across this quote awhile back. Like most of my Thought for the Day posts, its strikes a deep cord.

People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.
― John Green, Looking for Alaska 

I think we should all do a little more people loving. Who is with me?

I'm off to dig back into editing my new novel. I can't wait to introduce you to Emersyn and Alec. Such a wonderful couple. I know I have said this before, but I think they are my favorite to date. It is going to be so hard letting them go. But I will so one day you can come to love them too. 

Happy Tuesday and hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to announce a new bundle my publisher is releasing in just two days called Visions of Love: 5 Psychic Romances--Release date: August 22, 2016. 

Available from these and many other fine internet retailers.

Visions of Love: 5 Psychic Romances
Adventure, danger, and intrigue are taken to new heights by these five couples who each share a sizzling psychic connection. Between visions and dreams, mysteries and mysticism mingle to forge a love strong enough to withstand any obstacle.

This bundle contains my first novel, In the Shadow of GreedIf you haven't had a chance to meet Jason McNeil and his amazing heroine, Sarah Tu, now is the time. And if you can't wait until Monday, you can begin the novel here:In the Shadow of Greed .

If you have read Greed, thank you! I really hope you enjoyed Jason and Sarah's happy-ever-after as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is your chance to meet four authors you may have not read before, Glenys O’Connell, Shay Lacy, Rachel James, and Charmaine Ross. Take a chance and explore their wonderful novels for an amazing price of only $0.99 cents. 

Here are brief blurbs of all five Psychic Romances:

In the Shadow of Greed by Nancy C. Weeks Brilliant cryptologist Dr. Sarah Tu races against time and the warnings from her deceased sister to block the most dangerous Internet malware ever created—and it’s up to FBI agent Jason McNeil to make sure she stays alive long enough to do it.

Saving Maggie by Glenys O’Connell Reporter Maggie’s psychic gift incites a serial killer to play games with her, and this madman seeks her death to bind them together forever. Only detective Joshua Tyler has the power to break this bond in time—that is, if she can make him believe her.

Secrets and Lies by  Shay Lacy Actor-turned-private-investigator Charlie Ziffkin traces a stolen sculpture to his hometown, where his path crosses again with former sweetheart Juliana Sanchez, a psychic who knows exactly what he’s hiding.

The Kindred by Rachel James When it comes to being psychic, Janice Kelly is the best of the best. But she didn’t foresee falling in love with Adrian while fleeing the anger of thwarted ghosts in a haunted house.

Cursed by Charmaine Ross After years of her scientist father’s abuse, Katia uses her genetically engineered “gift” of sight to destroy the lab that has been her living hell…and wakes up 100 years in the future. Can she trust the enigmatic Dr. Julius Freeman at her bedside? She’ll have to learn to—only together can they face down their demons for any chance at happiness.


That is it for today. Have a wonderful weekend. As always, I hope you find time in your busy schedule to enjoy a great book. Take care and be kind to one another.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I hope your week has been going well. Today, I thrilled to have back on my blog my lovely friend, Alexia Adams. Alexia is here to introduce us to her new novel, The Tycoon and The Teacher.


Cover reveal and Blurb for The Tycoon and The Teacher

He’ll do everything he can to avoid love. It may not be enough.

Argentinian tycoon, Santiago Alvarez recently lost his sister, brother-in-law, and father. Now he’s solely responsible for his traumatized niece, Miranda, who hasn’t spoken for three months. His only hope to help Miranda recover is a woman who tempts him like no other. Whatever it takes, he’ll live up to his promise to care for his sister’s daughter—even if it means marriage.

French teacher Genevieve Dubois is slowly recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the death of a student. Her new position, helping a little girl find joy again, brings with it an unusual complication—a super-sexy uncle who awakens Genevieve’s desire for a family of her own. When her employer proposes marriage so he can keep custody of Miranda, Genevieve accepts, hoping to turn their passion into love. But when she discovers the real reason Santiago wants to be guardian of his niece, it threatens all their futures.

Now doesn't that sound like an exciting story. I can't wait to dig into my copy. Alexia brought along a wonderful excerpt to tease us all. Enjoy!

Short excerpt from The Tycoon and The Teacher

She put her wine down on the cement railing and stepped towards him. Without warning, she put a hand up to his face in a gentle caress, her thumb sweeping under his eye. “Never underestimate the power of a loving touch. From birth we respond to it. Even stone-hearted tycoons have been known to soften in time.”

He didn’t know about softening—parts of him were getting harder the longer she stood within kissing distance.
Alexia gave a few excerpts to chose from and I couldn't pick just one. 

So, short excerpt #2 from The Tycoon and The Teacher

“I care for you, Vivi. I want you to be happy. But don’t wait for me to love you. If, after I adopt Miranda, you find someone else who will love you and give you the life you want, I won’t stand in your way.” He was lying through his teeth now. She was his. His remarks to Eduardo on his wedding day were even truer now. But possessiveness wasn’t love. 

“I’ll keep that in mind.” The hand on his cheek slid behind his neck, pulling his head towards hers. As their lips met, she whispered, “Until I meet my Prince Charming, I’ll just have to make do with you.”

Here where you can get your copy of The Tycoon and The Teacher by Alexia Adams.

All about Alexia Adams:

Alexia once traveled the world. However marriage and the birth of four children clipped her travel wings, so she took to vicarious voyages through the characters she creates in her romance novels. Her stories reflect her love of exotic destinations and unique cultures and feature locations as diverse as the wind-swept prairies of Canada to hot and humid cities in Asia. To discover other books written by Alexia or read her blog on inspirational destinations, Journey to Love at and sign up for her newsletter to keep up-to-date with new books and adventures.

Social Media Links: 
AlexiaAdamsAuthor Twitter:
AlexiaAdamsAuth Pinterest: Goodreads: Amazon Author Page: BookBub:

Alexia, thank you for coming by today. I wish you great success with The Tycoon and The Teacher and hope you will come back again soon. If anyone has any questions for Alexia, please don't be shy. It's a pleasure to get to know our readers.

That is it for today. Have a wonderful weekend. As always, I hope you find time in your busy schedule to enjoy a great book. Take care and be kind to one another.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Friday, June 10, 2016


Hi Everyone!

This quote by Maya Angelou has become an all-time favorite. 

As with almost everything I have read by Maya Angelou, the message appears simple at first glance, but it isn't simple at all. I can turn these few words into something very personal. I have to accept my limitations until I learn how to overcome them. Then, I should try harder. 

Personal... all about me.

I look away and then read the quote again. The message doesn't have anything to do with me nor my personal wants or needs. It's a message about compassion. 

It's easy to be compassionate to those in my own little bubble. I understand them, accept them and live among them. Where I stumble is when I burst my bubble and I expand my world.

"Do the best you can until you know better."

To be truly compassionate, it takes accepting everyone for who they are and caring without judgment or prejudice.

“When you know better, do better.”

I pray I’m up for the challenge. What about you? Do you want to take Maya Angelou's challenge with me?

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks